Research and Projects

An overview of my major projects, publications, and focuses of my work
(that I can publicly share)

Projects/Relevant Coursework

The following is a list of major academic projects done through coursework, compeitions, etc along with links to resources.

Graph Theory

In a series of graduate course group projects, we explored graph theory and network properties in stock market data, traffic data, social network data, and randomly generated Erdos-Renyi and Barabási–Albert networks. Properties of these networks such as vertex degrees, random walks, modularity and community structure, edge weights, and more were explored to generate real-world insights. We also utilized inverse reinforcement learning to emulate intelligent behavior for an RL agent.

Speaker Recognition

This graduate course group project was a speaker verification algorithm that utilized speech Cepstrum coefficients, Dynamic Time Warping, and Mahalanobis Distance to determine if two audio clips are from the same speaker.


Autonomous Tour Guide Robot

My senior design undergraduate course project was an autonomous robot tour guide of the electrical engineering department building. We employed a full embedded system design from the PCB, sensor components, vehicle and robotic suystems, C++ coding, etc to develop the initial prototype and demo tour in one semester.

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Academic Publications

Azari, H., Bhat, G., Hiremath, N. Bhat, S. (2017) Structure and Properties of Polypropylene Graphene Composite Filaments. Proceedings of the Fiber Society 2017 Fall Meeting and Technical Conference., Athens, GA (November 2017).